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College Works Painting, Branch Manager


Reviewed: 1/28/2013 at 4:53:51 pm


Location: Madison, WI Compensation: Great Pay Hours Weekly: 40


Overall, College Works really transformed my work experience. At first, I thought it was an opportunity that was truly "too good to be true." When I presented all the information to my parents, they insisted that though they would let me make my own decisions, they really didn't want me to do the internship. I decided to go along with it anyways, and it turned out to be one of the best choices I have ever made.

Overall, you learn a variety of skills:

Professional communication--there is phone work involved, but I came to realize that this was an absolute positive. From experience, I know that my generation is awful at phone work, and it's a very underrated skill that every business professional needs.

Management--You get to manage your own job sites with your own employees. I found this to be very different than being a manager at a restaurant or other venue. at a different company, I was given extra responsibility, but others beneath me still did not view me as an authoritative figure because they knew I had little to know power. In College Works, I was managing my own employees, ones that looked at me as their boss, not their equal. Handling different situations on the job site really opened my eyes to daily operations of business, and I still use some of those principles today.

Sales--Of course, when you run your own company, there will absolutely be a sales aspect. Anybody who writes a review about how much they disliked sales clearly did not understand the objective of an internship. If you aren't comfortable sitting down with a homeowner and talking with them one on one, you do not belong in business, period. The skills I learned through sales not only helped me in that sector of business, but also taught me valuable lessons on how to present myself to employers in interview settings.

Marketing--There are a lot of different ways I learned to market a business. Of course, if you don't want to spend any money (like myself) I had to get creative in ways to build a business from a $0 marketing budget. I ended up orchestrating marketing teams, giving press releases to local newspapers, doing flyer drops at my local business, and much more. Marketing was not my major, I found the marketing phase to be the most creatively challenging.


Although I had all the help in the world every step of the way (from my District Manager, and in some cases, the Vice President and even the President from time to time) I still realized that starting a business is no easy task. I started off very slowly, but instead of giving up or blaming others, I took it upon myself to keep going, and through repetition and practice I found success. My one advice to anyone who is considering this internship: If you don't know how to work hard, DON'T APPLY. Although I ended up working an average of about 30 per week in the long run, this internship is not for people who want to be just "average."



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Tips for getting accepted to internship: You must be able to present yourself in a professional matter. I did not have the past work experience that they were looking for, but they were impressed by the way I was able to communicate on a professional level.


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